Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So We've come to the end of the road

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty....... Anyone who reads this knows who they are anyway..... LOL*

Ok, before I had posted about a certain person who was one of my closest friends who moved to North Carolina and how we have been drifting apart recently, well in the last 4 days it was like an ice shoot and we were driving a bobsled since it went downhill so fast..

so here it is: Back in May my BFF said to me "Hey my godfather has a time share in Vegas, he offered it to us for my birthday...." so YAY Vegas here we come..

While talking to another friend about seeing NKOTB she said "OH they are gonna be in Vegas on October 11 we should totally go" so I was like "well, i needed to talk to you anyway, Britt wants to go to Vegas for her birthday and we are just happening to go on October 10-13 so we will be there for NKOTB"

While on the phone with her, she IMs her friend in NC and invites them and a certain person we all know and most don't love. All of a sudden they are coming to Vegas as well.

2 days later i get a message from NC friend saying " I can't go to Vegas, I have a wedding to go to"....

Fast forward to October 11... I txt certain friend in NC saying "Have fun at your wedding" and I get this in reply "What are you talking about?" sounds fishy doesn't it, so I text him "you said you had a wedding to go to and that's why you couldn't come to Britt's birthday in Vegas" his reply "oh i forgot I told you about that" uhhhh extremely fishy if you ask me...... I ask him straight out "Is there an actual wedding?" which i get a pix of the invitation in reply and this message "see this is why we can't be friends anymore.. You never trust me"

Was I wrong to wonder if there was even a wedding? Maybe I should have been more trusting.

Fast forward to Oct 15. he says that's i can no longer relate to him and we are done.. Fine, so I ask him for a picture I gave him back. It was my brothers picture (my bro died when I was 16) and I gave to to this guy who i thought was my best friend and always would be, and that he was like another brother to me..... I said that if we weren't friends than I wanted the picture back and I would gladly reimburse him any shipping costs... Now all of a sudden he has to "think things over" and "excess his priorities and mull things over...."

WTF............. I am so confused right now, and I think the worst part is that I really don't care what he decides as long as I get my picture back..... I mean we haven't had much contact in over a year and hardly talk or see each other, so its not like we had a great friendship anyway..... But was I wrong to not trust him about the wedding? Was I wrong to ask for my picture back? I really need advice on this....


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