Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is there anyone alive out there? Can anyone hear me?

Well here I am trying to get into blogging. I tried it once on live journal but I never seemed to keep it up, lets see if this goes any better.

This blog will manly focus on what is going on this week and the only thing that is important to me this week is the Postseason. I can not tell you how happy I am that for the first time in 13 years the demon evil empire will not be in the post season. I hope that Jeter and ARod are polishing up their golf swings because they are going to need it. :)

So tonight is the first game of the ALDS. Angles vs Red Sox. Now I am hoping beyond hope that my sox can pull this off, its going to take a whole lotta effort and the fact that they need to be healthy.

They especially need this man to be on his game. Josh Beckett is the ACE of the staff and not to mention the hottest thing in baseball. After a great season last year he has had to battle injury after injury this year, and just finally when he is getting back to the Beckett that we all know and love, he pulls an oblique muscle... :( Josh is probably the most dominate pitcher in post season history. In 2003 while play for the Florida Marlins he pitched a complete game shut out on three days rest to win the world series against the yankees and becoming the World Series MVP. He has an ERA under 2.00 post season and is just dead sexy. If the Sox have a chance to win its going to be because this guy is healthy. Yesterday he pitched a 60 pitch side session where everything felt good and he felt no pain. Thats a great sign. Lester and Dice K in games 1 and 2 respectively and Josh Beckett in game 3. We have a chance

Another player that the Red Sox need to be healthy and playing is Mike Lowell. As last years World Series MVP he has battled injury after injury this years as well. He has a torn born in his hip that is keeping him from being able to run down bunts and produce good at bats. His average is not what it was last year and he has not hit nearly as many homeruns but I am confident in his ability. He took batting practice yesterday and he was a good sign, he felt no pain or ripping in his hip. He should be ready to play tonights game, if he is healthy he will be unbeatable

We need more than just our injured guys to come back. We need our guys who have been producing all year to keep doing what they were doing.

Dustin Pedroia or as he is better known in Boston as either MVPedroia or Pedroia the Destroyer is clearly the MVP of not only the AL (he deserves that award. YOU SUCH MAUER) and of the Red Sox this little guy has delivered game after game. At 5'9 many of the announcers like to talk about what a big swing such a little guy has. Even the manager of the ChiSox says that Pedroia scares him. He leads the league in doubles, runs, hits and multiple hit games and is only second in the AL in BA with a .324. Last April and May he was batting .150 and there was call to send him back down to the minors than all of a sudden in June '07 he started swining his bat and never looked back. In his rookie year he wins The World Series and Rookie of the Year. Pedroia is the MVP of the Red Sox. When he is on they win.

Last but not least the final player the Red Sox need to be on in order to advance this SOXtober is:

JON LESTER. This is probably one of the greatest stories in MLB (besides Josh Hamilton). Picture this its July of 2006 and you find out that you have Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. You leave the team and go for Chemo and you come back in August of 2007 pitch a few games and than pitch the clinching game in the World Series. Fast Forward to May 2007 in your first full season after coming back from Cancer you pitch a No Hitter. Jon Lester has become the Ace in the absence of Josh Beckett and Curt Schilling. He is going tonight against Lackey. Can he handle it? he has proven that he can!

With the post season underway I am making my predictions Red Sox in 4 in the ALDS and than a Red Sox vs. Rays ALCS with the Red Sox winning in 7 (in true Boston style) and than a Red Sox vs Chi Cubs in WS......... What are your predictions?

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